Ridiculous Reality Ordering – SillyVenture Edition


RR Cartridge orders for Ridiculous Reality, SillyVenture edition are closed!

Inside you’ll find:
* RR cartridge,
* 1 card with number of copy (from 1 to 50),
* 24 cards representing all 8 rooms from 3 Ridiculous Reality levels (7th, 11th & 16th) – one could put those cards on the table and play specific level offline,
* a booklet with game instruction in 2 language versions (English & Polish).

We will send cartridges starting at 22 of january 2013!

Everybody has been notified by email about order commit or putting on reserve list.

The price varies and depends on the destination country. It will be 19 Euro/25 USD + shipping costs.
After we know the real postage fee, we’ll send you a payment method and request for address.