About me

My musical fascination reach secondary school. Then I’ve got a guitar from my parents (my girlfriend insisted me to play it:)) and … I realised the ability to hear the chords. Until now, many people are curious to see how you can just take your guitar and play any hit / melody with chords. I simply hear them my head. The same time the Atari 800 XL compy appeared on my desk. Atari Basic and four-channel sound begun my adventure with composing music. Then there was the Commodore Amiga, then Mac and that’s it.

My interests to electronics are little back earlier. Currently I deal with digital electronics, the simplier one.

It was very nice to hear about the creation the microcontrollers’ programming subject in the Faculty of Computer Science at the University of Warsaw (purely theoretical :) . It’s a pity I have finished my studies already.

Programming – well, it is my profession. I am a computer msc indeed. Passionate about the methods for creating the code with minimizing the emergence of errors, especially in the context of the big groups making up the code.

(Translated mostly by translate.google.com, it is a big time-saver)